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I have always loved photography.  After formal photography training in school I bought my first manual film camera capturing and developing pictures of the world around me filling the walls and albums of our home with memories. It wasn’t until the birth of our first child that this hobby really became a passion.  Suddenly this unbelievable love for our children filled my heart and the speed of their lives passing me by created need to capture that love and share it on the walls of our home so not to miss a moment and fill our home with memories.  After many family and friends requested portraits of their families, I realized I had passion for capturing memories of families other than just my own and soon William Paige was born. William Paige is a compilation of long standing middle names of our children demonstrating that family, heritage and memories is so important to what we do it became the basis for our name.


If you value walking into a room with beautiful family art on the walls warming your heart and filling your home with love then we would love to help you.  We start with a design consultation before the session to understand your life, and your style to ensure that we match your session with your family to provide images you will fall in love with.  Visit the William Paige Process page to learn more about our method to work your family to provide the best service and ensure we provide heirloom quality art we want to be a part of your family for generations.

If you are only looking for a social media profile update, then we are not who you are looking for but we would be happy to introduce you to many other photographers.  Our goal is to provide heirloom quality home art that will last generations, not digital files that will live temporary lives as a profile picture or be forgotten in the depths of your computer hard drive.

To capture a special time in the life of your family or if it simply has been a long time since you have had quality portraits captured and you want heirloom home art then CONTACT US to schedule your consultation to start the process.


© William Paige

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