Our Etsy shop will be opening soon.  We are working tirelessly on developing and expanding our small batch handmade quality leather goods. We don't let anything leave our studio until it passes our personal quality standards and we would be proud to display it in our own home. 


Here are a few examples that we are working on to offer soon:

Home Storage and Every Day Cary
Keep your home looking good without your daily goods filling your counter space.
Wallets and Pockets
Protect your money and your technology from the daily damage with heirloom cases. You will change your technology before you change your covers
Passport Covers and Wallets
Keep your valuables safe in your pocket with these Wallets and Passport pockets including modern RFID blocking technology.
Personal and Home Vallets
Keep your home and your tables looking clean with valets to store your every day items
Artistic Home Decor
Store your every day items or a decorative table piece leather home décor is the perfect piece to pass down for generations
Journals, notepads and portfolios
Prepare for a business meeting, keep your thoughts or remember your grocery list with leather goods that will last
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