Book Review: Raising a Modern Day Knight

January 22, 2017


How do I raise strong, confident, loving, and godly boys in the challenging world we live in today?


In the web-based world we live in, our children are under constant assault always challenging their confidence, seeking to deteriorate their behavior, demonize masculinity, and undermine our parenting.  In a world like this, it is vital that we as parents have a plan and a toolkit to defend our children and keep them growing on the path we have envisioned for them.


We have recently discovered a great reference for your parenting toolkit to help aid in this ongoing battle for the hearts and minds of your children:




This book is a must read for any faith based father of boys.  As every father knows, our sons look to us as examples of strength and bravery, guides for how to be chivalrous, and ultimately on what it means to be a man.  A boy’s natural admiration of their fathers is well illustrated in Proverbs 17:6.


“Grandchildren are the crown of old men, and the glory of sons is their fathers” Proverbs 17:6


You might be an involved father, giving your children time and attention, but are you giving them the best things? Raising a Modern Day Knight describes the necessary framework that must be taught not only by a father but with the support of a greater community of men around him:


A vision for manhood:

There are 4 key principles that define what it means to be a man:

  1. A man rejects passivity

  2. A man accepts responsibility

  3. A man leads courageously

  4. A man expects the greater reward


A code of conduct:

There are 3 elements that must be the foundation of a man’s life:

  1. A will to obey

  2. A work to do

  3. A woman to love


A transcendent cause:

There must an understanding of an identified cause or purpose in a man’s life. True satisfaction in life is impossible apart from a transcendent cause.



This is a severe over simplification of the lessons held in the book and we highly recommend that you take the time to read, re-read and share with others so you can build a community of mentors around your children that will help mentor your children reinforce your parenting.


Your results may vary and you can change or shape the framework and definitions as you see fit.  What is critical is that you take the time to think seriously about the importance of imparting a clear definition for your son of what is meant to be a man and to celebrate his progress and accomplishments along the way to solidify his masculine character and confidence.


Recommendation: Strong Buy


Let us know your thoughts on the book or any experiences you have had implementing any of the principles.

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